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Selling Your Car for Cash

Don't miss out on high used car values!

Sometimes we find ourselves with a vehicle we no longer need. Maybe it’s a car you don’t drive anymore. Or perhaps you didn’t want to negotiate a trade-in when you bought that new truck.

What can you do with it? Selling it is the obvious answer, but do you know how to sell a used car? Posting a “for sale” notice online for a private sale can feel risky. And how would you know what price to put on your wheels anyway?

At this point, you’re probably thinking, why can’t I just sell my car for cash? Or, how can I sell my truck fast? And why can’t selling my vehicle just be easy and can I do it at a location near me?

Mullinax Ford of Mobile offers the best way to sell your car. We’re the no-hassle, one-price place to buy a vehicle – and we offer the same straightforward, transparent process when we’re the ones buying from you.

At Mullinax, you never have to worry about hidden fees or complicated formulas. We’ll make you an offer and can have a check for you in 1 to 2 business days. And we buy a full range of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs and cars – all makes and models, as long as they still run.


The Vehicle Appraisal Process

The first step is figuring out what your vehicle is worth. Our online trade valuation tool can give you a general idea, but we can’t make you a hard offer without doing an in-person evaluation. For that, you need to bring the vehicle to the dealership.

The process is easy and can be done whenever is comfortable for you. See our website for our business hours and location.

You don’t need an appointment. Simply park in the customer lot in front and come into the showroom. Any of our sales representatives will be able to help you.

Our professional estimators consider current market value from a variety of sources, resellability and vehicle condition.

Our appraisal takes about 15 minutes, and the paperwork generally takes another 15. A little additional waiting time is normal, but most buyers can count on having an offer in 45 minutes or less.

Visiting Mullinax Ford of Mobile to Sell Your Car

When you come into the dealership, you’ll need to bring these items with you so we can process the purchase:

  • Vehicle title
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Driver license for each person on the title

All vehicle owners must be present for the transaction.

If you are still paying on your vehicle, we will need the 10-day payoff for outstanding loans and the lien-holder information. For details on selling a car with an outstanding loan, see the “special cases” section below.

Car keys sitting on a wood surface

Special Cases

Not everyone is selling a spare car that they own outright. Certain special conditions can come into play during the sales process.

  • Loans: If you still owe money on the vehicle you’re selling, Mullinax Ford of Mobile needs the payoff information. When you’re selling a vehicle with a loan, the debt must be paid off first before you receive any cash. If you buy a new vehicle from us, we can roll the outstanding loan balance into the financing.
  • Liens: A lien is basically an insurance policy for the lenders. They want to make sure they are protected in case the person who took out the auto loan defaults. The lien is in place until the car is paid off. If you buy through a dealership, the dealership usually files the lien. Otherwise, lien-holders, which may be banks, finance companies or other parties, such as mechanics in cases of vehicle repairs, have the first claim on any money you make from the sale.
  • Leases: Most sales involve privately owned vehicles, but Mullinax is willing to buy leased vehicles, depending on the vehicle brand and the terms of the lease.
  • Company vehicles: Some sellers need to sell a company car. Mullinax will buy a company vehicle If you are a legal signor for your company.

Free up space in your driveway

Are you ready to sell your used car for cash today? Mullinax Ford of Mobile, the home of no-haggle car sales, is ready to buy your used but drivable truck, SUV or car today – and write you a check within 1 or 2 business days. We are conveniently located for car sellers in Mobile and the surrounding areas.

We’re proud to be a family-owned and -operated dealership that believes in fair and stress-free service to both vehicle sellers and shoppers. Come into the dealership today to find out how you can sell your used car and turn it into extra cash. Check our website for our business hours and visit us at a time that’s convenient for you.

FAQs Here are some additional questions we frequently hear from customers:

Can I sell my car without trading?

Yes – you do not have to buy one of our vehicles to sell us yours.

Does my vehicle have to be a Ford, or will you take other makes and models?

We are happy to buy any car brand.

Is the online value an estimate or a hard offer?

The online Value Your Trade tool only provides an estimate. We can’t make you a firm offer until you visit the dealership so we can assess the vehicle.

How long is the offer good for?

Seven (7) days.

Are offers negotiable?

We always give you our best and only offer up front because we want to keep the process simple and efficient – and eliminate haggling, which many people find stressful.

Is the offer good at any Mullinax location or just the one that did the estimate?

For Florida locations, the offers are transferable – but contact the alternate location to be sure.

Will you pick up my vehicle from my home?

No. Vehicle pickup is not available. You must drive the vehicle into the dealership – and don’t forget your title, registration, driver license and payoff or lien information.

What if I owe more on the vehicle than you offer me?

If you opt to purchase a new vehicle from us, the outstanding loan balance can be rolled into the financing. If not, the loan must be satisfied first before you receive payment.

Do you buy leased cars?

Sometimes, depending on the make of the vehicle and the terms of the lease. Talk to a member of our sales staff for more detailed information.

Do you buy company vehicles?

Yes, if the seller is legally authorized to sign for the company.

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